This coming Sunday, July 17, 2016, we will begin a new sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes. In many ways, this series is the second part of a trilogy. Our first series as a church replant was on the book of Acts, where we learned what it means to be the church. Our third series will be on Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, where we’ll learn what it means to be a Christian. Falling in between these two is a series on Ecclesiastes, which provides a brutally honest look at life in a fallen world, and which can, therefore, teach us what it means to be human–including all the pain, frustration, and disappointment that comes along with it. In preparation for the series, we’ll be posting 5 introductory articles on the website this week, one each day, explaining some of the background issues surrounding the book that there isn’t time to cover on a Sunday morning. The schedule of what’s coming up:

Monday: Bibliography (a working list of the resources I’ll be using in my study of the book)
Tuesday: Author & Date (Who wrote the book and when?)
Wednesday: Genre (What type of book is it?)
Thursday: Provenance & Destination (From where & to whom was the book written?)
Friday: Purpose & Theme (Why was the book written?)

A list of resources that I am using to study and preach Ecclesiastes are listed below (with links wherever possible) if you want to study Ecclesiastes further yourself or just check my work. Resources marked with ** should be readable and accessible for most people (i.e., you don’t need a seminary degree or an ability to read Hebrew to benefit from them).

A couple of necessary disclaimers: First, the links to books are usually to Amazon, but if you want to buy a copy, you should probably search around to ensure you’re getting the best price or your preferred format. Secondly, and more importantly, while I have found all of the following resources to be helpful, I don’t agree with everything in them. As you should with anything you read, approach them with discernment and ‘examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so’ (Acts 17:11).


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Other Resources

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